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How I became AN nfl Cheerleader


All stories have a long and a short version so today I'm going to share with you the short version of how I became an NFL Cheerleader with the Miami Dolphins, and hope to share the long version with you in person at one of our cheer clinics here at The Cheer Lab.

My passion for dance started at the age of 9 when my parents enrolled me into a local dance studio, where I studied jazz and ballet every night after school and most Saturday mornings.

I knew through out my school years I wanted to be a professional dancer… all I wanted to do was dance and perform. At the age of 15 I decided that I wanted to pursue a professional career in dance; but as for anything before you can become a pro there's a lot of hard work, dedication, and studying to be done before hand so I started to audition for full time dance schools in and around London. It took a lot practice, auditions and driving all over the country (all the thanks goes to my mum) to secure my place at a fantastic school.

Im from a very small village in the south of England so I knew that if I was lucky enough to be excepted into a professional dance school that I was going to have to make a big move at the young age of 16… and thats what I did.

My mum always supported me and my love for dance and helped me pursue my dreams of becoming a professional dancer. I moved to Cambridge and studied performing arts at Bodyworks Company then moved to London to study professional dance at The Urdang Academy.

During my professional career as a dancer I had many fantastic opportunities including being featured in James Bond's, Spectre. Touring internationally with artists including Belinda, Christina Castro, Mijares, Adrian Uribe.

Performed on The Voice Mexico, Televisa, Univision, and appeared in many commercials.

So heres the part you have been waiting for, in 2016 the Miami Dolphins held international auditions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. I happened to be working in Mexico City at the time and my great friend Steph sent me the information about the audition and encouraged me to go. Pretty ironic that almost 6 years into my professional career and having searched to try out for the world renown Miami Dolphins when I was younger I finally had my chance to try out, dance my heart out and to hopefully secure my place on the team.

After a couple of long days auditioning and interviewing in Mexico city I made it though to the week long audition in Miami where girls from all over the world tried out for their spot on the team. A packed week of training, dancing showing the judges what i was made of later I MADE IT, I couldn't believe how lucky I was and that my hard work had paid off!

Better yet I made the team with one of my closest friends Tamara, one of our talented guest teachers here at The Cheer Lab.

Two weeks later I moved to Miami to start my journey as Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and little did I know that in 4 months I was going to be named the First British Born Cheerleader in the NFL, thats a story for another day…

I hope dance and cheerleading can inspire you as it has inspired me over the years.

Our team here at The Cheer lab are excited to be sharing our stories and experience with you hoping that we can inspire you to be the very best you, to follow your dreams and to always work hard to accomplish them. Trust me its worth every ounce of hard work!

With love,

Holly @thecheerlab

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